The Memphis Police Department encourages candidates who meet our minimum requirements and have obtained a P.O.S.T. certification as a law enforcement officer to apply and transfer to the Memphis Police Department through one of our Lateral Entry Programs.

  • Candidates who meet the criteria of the Fast Track Lateral program will be required to complete a 6-week abbreviated training curriculum.
  • Candidates who meet the criteria of the Lateral Transfer program will be required to complete a 12-week abbreviated training curriculum.


  • Background Investigation
    • Traffic/Driving History
    • Arrest History
    • Employment History
    • References from select police personnel at previously employed agency
  • Firearm Proficiency Test
  • Psychological Screening
  • Clinical (oral) Interview
  • Medical Assessment
  • Pre-employment Orientation

Lateral Curriculum

A 6-week (240 hours) training course for Fast Track Lateral Recruits ONLY

A 14-week (560 hours) training course for Lateral Transfer Recruits

Final Fitness Test

A minimum Score of 75% is required for successful completion of physical training. The Physical training tests will consist of five (5) events, which require a cumulative average score of 7.5 (75%) or above in all events combined, resulting in a passing score. The overall physical training score is comprised of 25% of the recruit’s overall class standing.

  • 1.5 mile run – test endurance capacity
  • Push-ups – tests upper body muscular endurance
  • Sit-ups – tests abdominal muscular endurance
  • Sit & Reach – measures flexibility
  • 300 meter run – tests anaerobic power

Fitness Profile Scale

Points Sit & Reach Push-ups Sit-ups 300 Meter Sprint 1.5 Mile Run Percentile
(inches) (continuous) (1-Min) (Seconds) (Min:Sec) (%)
10 22 47 45 39 11:45 100%
9 21 43 41 47 12:07
8 20 39 37 55 12:29
7.5 19.5 37 35 59 12:40 75%
7 19 35 33 63 12:51
6 18 31 29 71 13:13
5 17 27 25 79 13:35
4 16 23 21 87 13:57 40%
3 15 19 17 95 14:19
2 14 15 13 103 14:41
1 13 5 5 111 15:03

Program Advantages

  • Competitive salary
  • Faster Mobilization of Police Officers
  • Shorter Training Period
  • Expanded Applicant Pool
  • Mature, Experienced Officers


  • Salary:
    • Date of hire through successfully completing probation – PII rate with 1-2 years of experience.
    • After successfully completing (1) year probationary period – PII rate with 2-3 years of experience.
    • College incentive pay cannot be received until after successfully completing the probationary period.
  • Promotional eligibility:
    • Requires five years of continuous service as a MPD officer to be considered for promotional testing for Sergeant.

Should a lateral recruit fail to respond to training, he/she may be transitioned from the accelerated program into the basic FTO program with the approval of the Director of the Memphis Police Department.

Police Officer-Lateral Salaries:

Hourly Pay Period* Annually w/Bachelor’s Degree x 7.5%
6 or 12 Weeks of Training + 1 Year $24.39 $1,950.82 $50,721.32 N/A
2-3 Years $26.23 $2,098.01 $54,548.26 $58,639.38
3-12 Years $28.92 $2,313.758 $60,157.50 $64,669.31
12+ years $29.49 $2,359.38 $61,343.88 $65,944.67

*26 pay periods per year.

Firearms Training

  • Weapons Safety
  • Sig 229R nomenclature
  • Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Sig 229R Familiarization
  • Qualification Course

Basic & Lateral Recruits – Qualification Course (Sig-Sauer P229)
(50 Rounds – Minimum Score 80% Out of a Possible 100%)

Load all (3) magazines with (11) rounds each. Place (2) magazines in the pouch and (1) magazine into the weapon. Draw weapon, charge, press check and then holster and strap the weapon in.

3 Yards
From the Holster
2 Shots 4 Seconds COVER THE TARGET
2 Shots 2 Seconds COVER THE TARGET
2 Shots 2 Seconds
Place the weapon into your weak hand for one handed shooting
Reload, charge, press check, holster and strap it in. Recover the empty magazine and place it in your pouch.
7 Yards
From the Holster
2 Shots 4 Seconds COVER THE TARGET
2 Shots 2 Seconds COVER THE TARGET
2 Shots 2 Seconds
Perform a Tactical Reload. Take the magazine from the weapon and replace it with the one from the pouch. Make sure the magazine is properly seated. Place the weapon into your strong hand for one handed shooting.
5 Shots 5 Seconds Holster strap it in
10 Yards
From the Holster
3 Shots 6 Seconds COVER THE TARGET
8 Shots 18 Seconds w/ Magazine change – Holster
Recover both magazines. Load (1) magazine with 11 rounds. Load (1) magazine with 6 rounds. Place the 6 round magazine into the pouch. Place the 11 round magazine into the weapon. Draw, charge, press check, holster and strap it in.
15 Yards
From the Holster
5 Shots 15 Seconds Kneeling – Holster – Stand
4 Shots 10 Seconds Standing – Holster
20 Yards
From the Holster
4 Shots 30 Seconds w/ Magazine change
The first (2) Shots will be standing and the next (2) Shots will be Kneeling. Holster weapon first and then stand.
25 Yards
From the Holster
1 Shot Prone Position
1 Shot Kneeling Strong Side of Barricade
1 Shot Standing: Left side with left hand
1 Shot Standing: Right side with Right hand
You have 45 Seconds for all (4) Shots. When finished with course of fire, stay on line with slide locked to rear, until everyone is finished.

Lateral FAQ


Q: What is the difference between Fast Track and Lateral candidates?

A: Fast Track officers are those candidates that already possess a Tennessee P.O.S.T. certification. Lateral officers are those candidates that are P.O.S.T.  certified (or state equivalent) in another state. 

Q: How long is the probationary period?

A: There is a 12-month probationary period as a Patrol Officer under the advisement of a Field Training Officer (F.T.O). 

Q: What is the starting pay for Fast Track/Lateral candidates?

A: The starting pay for Fast Track/Lateral Officers is $49,726.82. 

Q: What is the starting pay for Fast Track/Lateral candidates?

A: The starting pay for Fast Track/Lateral Officers is $49,726.82. 

Q: How long is the hiring process for Fast Track/ Lateral candidates?

A: The entire employment process generally takes two (2) to four (4) months to determine an applicant’s suitability for employment. 

Q: Is there any pre-employment testing?

A: Yes. There is a Firearms Proficiency Test, psychological assessment and a medical assessment. There is no physical or written comprehensive testing for the Fast Track/Lateral candidates. 

Q: Is PT required as a part of the academy?

A: Yes. All candidates must complete PT while in the academy. Candidates must complete a final fitness test before completing training. 

The Memphis Police Department Training Academy is a Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) Accredited Public Safety Training Facility and is a VA certified training facility.

The City of Memphis, including the Memphis Police Department, does not discriminate based on race, color, or national origin in Federal or state sponsored programs, services and activities, pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000d).

The Memphis Police Department is a equal opportunity employer.

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