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The MPD is…

A multidimensional agency and one of the most progressive police departments in the nation. A premier agency staffed with officers who are innovative, highly trained, technically proficient, and culturally sensitive.

The MPD is dedicated to preserving the public safety for all citizens of Memphis. We are fortunate to have on staff a complement of dedicated, professional officers and civilians committed to this goal.

We have over 75 specialized units providing safe environments for the citizens of Memphis while developing strong partnerships within the community. Below is a snapshot of our units:

Crime Scene Investigator

Motorcycle Officer

Canine Officer

Task Force Officer

C.O.P. Officer

Information Technology Officer

T.A.C.T. Officer

Organized Crime Unit Detective

Mounted Patrol

Training/Firearms Instructor

The Hiring Process


Complete the initial (City of Memphis) online qualification profile application.

  1. click the “Apply Today” icon on our Home page or “Apply Now” above
  2. log into existing or create new account (using a valid email address of which you check periodically)
  3. click “Career Opportunities” at the lower left hand corner of the screen
  4. click “Menu” at the upper left hand corner of the screen
  5. search and select the job posting title (i.e. “Police Recruit-Basic” or “Police Service Technician”)
  6. read and review job description, benefits, and qualifying questions tabs
  7. click “APPLY” at the upper right hand corner of the screen
  8. complete general information and qualifying questions (uploading attachments “for police positions only” are not required)
  9. advance to review, then Submit

Applicant will immediately receive a confirmation via email – please continue to monitor your email account, days later.

Complete the ‘MPD Personal History Statement

Within days, all qualified applicants will receive an email notification. Please read the notification in its entirety and follow instructions:

  1. Complete Personal History Statement (click the link in the email notification)
  2. Upon completion, you must immediately print the application
  3. Please have your Authorization Release form notarized
  4. Order high school (and college) transcripts as instructed in the application

If you have not received the confirmation email in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

Complete your application In-take process

ALL APPLICANTS must bring and present the following documentation to:

Memphis Police Department Training Academy

4371 Academy Drive

Memphis, TN 38127

  • a printed copy of the completed MPD Employment application including the originally notarized “Authorization Release” form
  • valid driver’s license
  • original/certified birth certificate
  • high school diploma

If applicable:

  • military forms – DD214 (member 4 copy) /DD256/ NGB22 / disciplinary articles, etc
  • military letter of good standing (for current military reserve officers)
  • court documents or marriage license supporting name change
  • criminal expungements and/or supporting documents

Only applicants who complete the MPD Employment application will be allowed to advance and self-schedule the battery of tests.

Self-schedule a battery of entry test

Within 48 hours from application In-take, the applicant will receive an email invitation to self-schedule a date of choice to attend a battery of test for the position of Police Recruit-Basic (or PST).

The battery of entry test will include:

  1. A running test
  2. An obstacle course
  3. A written exam
  4. A behavioral interview
  5. All components for the battery of test are conducted on the date scheduled. The day of testing is expected to last 4-5 hours.

All dates posted are subject to change without notice.

Attend and successfully pass the battery of test

Testing for this portion of the employment process will be conducted at:

The Memphis Police Department Training Academy

4371 Academy Drive

Memphis, TN 38127

All applicants are required to bring and present a valid driver’s license to be admitted for testing.

All applicants must successfully pass each of the four (4) test components to advance in the employment process. Applicants are only allowed to fail and retake the same test twice per application session.

Click below – where indicated – for testing preparation, instructions, and to take a practice test.

  1. Running Test (qualifying time for 1.5 miles = 16:30 mins/sec or less)
  2. Obstacle Course (completion time for simulation of foot chase = 160 seconds or less)*

    *A five (5) second penalty will be imposed for each obstacle the candidate is unable to complete after two attempts.

  3. Written Exam (Take a Practice Test by clicking Written Exam – enter this code: FEF92CBC6CDF75D2)
  4. Behavioral Interview (Does not require applicant to change clothing)

Accept the contingent job offer

Contingent Job Offers are given with consideration of the applicant’s ability to successfully complete and pass the remaining screenings and assessments.

Candidates are selected on individual merits; not a first come, first serve basis. Police Recruit classes will be filled – in accordance to budgetary allowance – based on the candidates’ succession through all phases of the employment process.

Successfully pass the background investigation screening

The following factors will be acquired and evaluated for employment consideration:

  • Personal
  • criminal
  • military
  • education
  • traffic and employment history

Successfully test and pass a battery of pre-employment screenings and reviews

  1. Finger Printing
  2. Psychological Exam
  3. Clinical Interview
  4. Medical Assessment
  5. Updated background check

Receive and Accept the final job offer

Note: The entire employment process generally takes two (2) to six (6) months to determine an applicant’s suitability for employment.

Attend MPD’s candidate processing session

All recruit candidates will be advised to attend a candidate processing session at the MPD Training Academy.

  • Bring all required forms as instructed
  • Tour the Academy facility
  • Review parking instructions
  • Receive 1st day expectations and instructions
  • Issuance of Benefits package
  • Meet the MPA (Memphis Police Association)

Attend Human Resources Orientation

This informational session will be conducted at:

Benjamin Hooks Main Library

3030 Poplar Ave.

Memphis, TN 38111

Opportunity to sign-up for employee benefits and other offerings.

Health and Life insurance are 1st day coverage plans.

Complete 23 weeks of paid training as a Recruit (6-weeks as PST)

Graduate from the Memphis Police Training Academy

A successful Police Recruit candidate will complete an intensive 23-week training program and graduate to become P.O.S.T. certified, followed by a 12-month probationary period as a Patrol Officer under the supervision of a Field Training Officer (F.T.O).

A successful PST Recruit candidate will complete a 6-week training program and graduate to become a qualified PST Officer, followed by a 6-month probationary period under the supervision of a Field Training Officer (F.T.O).

Are You Ready to Join the Best In Blue?

The Memphis Police Department Training Academy is a Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) Accredited Public Safety Training Facility and is a VA certified training facility.

The City of Memphis, including the Memphis Police Department, does not discriminate based on race, color, or national origin in Federal or state sponsored programs, services and activities, pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000d).

The Memphis Police Department is a equal opportunity employer.

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